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The Journey to Joy

The Journey to Joy is a 7-series class offering simple and easy tweaks to your daily life that can completely bring you into your own soul joy. Each session offers mindset tips that I use with my clients to guide them towards discovering peace and purpose in their own lives. The sessions are 10-15 minutes each and can be followed at your own pace. The journey includes a free printable daily jot journal and mini guided meditation.

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Course Curriculum

  • Class I: Jot Journaling

  • Class II: Meditation

  • Class III: Go With Gratitude

  • Class IV: Minding the Mind

  • Class V: Releasing Self-Judgement

  • Class VI: Sharing With Your Supporters

  • Class VII: Go With Your Gut

  • Bonus: Guided Meditation

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Discover a mindful life in just one week with my 7-series mindfulness course, The Journey to Joy. Unlike other meditation courses, each class is under 15 minutes, so even people with the busiest schedules can learn how to celebrate themselves and align their intentions. Best of all, at only $37 for the entire course, The Journey to Joy is accessible to nearly everyone. Learn how to live your best live quickly, affordably, and passionately by registering for the Journey to Joy

Why audio?

Audio learning is a simple, effective way to discover invaluable tools for improving your life. It is a portal into new worlds and practices, so that you can instantly transform the way you look at and interact with the world. It is accessible to those with sight limitations, and helps those who learn better by listening, up to 30% of the population. With audio learning, you simply have to listen, and listening itself is a mindfulness practice. Taking an audio course is a chance to set aside your daily stressors and actively participate in the moment, just as it is.

Why such short lessons?

Mindfulness is a lifelong practice, a way of life rather than a fleeting moment of clarity. By providing my students with short lessons, I am teaching them how to practice daily mindfulness in a simple, doable manner. Even the busiest person still has time for cultivating gratitude, patience, and self-love. All it takes is fifteen minutes a day.

Furthermore, bite-size lessons allow my students to become proficient in their new skills quickly and effectively. Simply take the lesson that you just learned and try to implement it throughout your day in small,practical ways. I promise that there will be more opportunities than you imagined, and the times that you fail may be even more useful than the times that you succeed. Failing means that we have dared to live intentionally, to take control of our lives.Failure helps us clear the path towards the life that we deserve.

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Class I: Jot Journaling

In the first class in my 7-series course you will learn how jot journaling can help you develop self-esteem and gratitude in only minutes a day.


Class II: Meditation

Meditation has been practiced for millennia as a way to find inner peace and connect with your body and soul.


Class III: Go With Gratitude

Practicing gratitude is a simple, effective way to help you live your best life. In this course, I will discuss why gratitude matters as well as several easy ways to implement daily gratitude into your life.


Class IV: Minding the Mind

In this class, I will explore what exactly mindfulness is, and how it can help you break free from self-hate, judgement, and fear.


Class V: Releasing Self-Judgement

Self-judgement bombards your mind with destructive thoughts, preventing you from finding and celebrating yourself. In Class V, I will discuss the toxicity of self-judgement, and how you can free yourself from its clutches.


Class VI: Sharing With Your Supporters

In Class VI, you will learn the importance of sharing your successes and setbacks with others.


Class VII: Go With Your Gut

Your intuition is an invaluable tool for teaching you how to live a life full of intentionality, joy, and peace. Learn how to listen and trust yourself in this powerful final lesson.


Bonus Features

When you sign up for The Journey to Joy you not only receive seven classes but also a free printable daily jot journal and mini guided meditation so that you can start practicing mindfulness instantly. These helpful tools will help you develop two effective mindfulness practices—journaling and meditation—in only minutes a day.

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Are you looking to transform your life? With my 7-series mindfulness class, you can discover your true self and build healthier relationships with others in just one week. Register now and find your soul joy today!

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