"I don't feel like to."

I heard the phrase above multiple times a day from both of my children. The grammar in this sentence is so wrong, but the message is so right! When I first started out on my soul journey one of the blocks or challenges I faced was learning the art of BEING. This one was tough for me. As a full-time educator, full-time mom, and a full-time business owner, I was constantly in "go" mode. The days were filled with must-do's and the nights were filled with should-do's. I had lost the ability to relax, stay present, and just BE.

What does it mean to BE? To BE is the very contrast of to DO. Both of these actions can elicit results, but one way is much easier than the other. To BE is to find inspiration in all things that lead to the DO. We live in a world of obligations, work, commitments; the list goes on and on. What I have discovered is that when I feel inspired to do something, the results are always more than I expected and they come quickly. We need to listen to the whispers and nudges of inspiration that tap at us throughout the day. Those are what we should take the lead from. When we feel obligated or committed to something that doesn't bring us joy, the result will almost always be a feeling of lack or annoyance. This doesn't get anyone anywhere.

When you DO from inspiration you are BEING. You are attracting joy and so the universe will respond in joy. Don't believe me?.Have you ever sat back and watched a child? A child wakes up each day and starts anew. He doesn't harbor the disasters of yesterday. He plays and creates and is moved by feeling. Even those midday meltdowns are inspired by a feeling. If something feels good, he goes with it. If something doesn't feel good, he lets the world know about it. My children have coined the phrase, "I don't feel like to." This is their typical response to a request I ask of them that plain and simply doesn't feel good.

And you know what? I have learned to listen to that, both from them and in myself. Yes, there are some things they need to get done. When I am faced with a task that I am dreading or, an "I don't feel like to" moment, I move into gratitude and learning mode. I look for what to be grateful for in the doing or what lesson I may learn from it. This shifts the vibration from avoidance and loathing to joy and accomplishment. It works every time.

So, the next time you find yourself thinking, "I don't feel like to," take a minute to assess. Do you need to do it right now? If the answer is no, then don't do it. Wait for that inspirational nudge. If the answer is yes, reset! Find the greater good and work from inspiration.

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